How Brett Beachner Went From Being a Full-Time 
Landscaper to an 8 Figure Online Business Owner. 

It was the end of summer 2008. I've been working for a landscape 
company full time for the past 4 years.

We had just a few more weeks left of cutting grass before we moved
into doing the fall leaf cleanups for our customers.

This would be the final season that I realized I didn't want to be a landscaper anymore.
Me in my dirty grass-stained jeans seeing my nephew off for his first day of kindergarten



I was very good at what I did especially when I had a pair of hedge trimers in my hand. if there was anything about landscaping that I enjoyed, hedge trimming and making bushes look like a piece of art was it.

I think I was just over the fact of cutting the same lawns and doing the same work week after week.

Also the pay grade I was at just wasn't enough to fulfill my goals and aspirations which at the time I was working towards being a professional pilot. 
Every dollar I had went towards my flying education and I even took a loan from my grandparents which I wanted to payback to them as soon as I could.

Still, the money needed to come in so I couldn't leave landscaping just yet.

The first business I would get into was a multi level marketing company whose flag ship product was Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephones for the home as well as video phones. That's right, video phones.

This was a complete failure. At the time there was no Apple Facetime or Zoom. So I thought it was a great opportunity, but within a year all the big brands were starting to release video calling and the company folded.

After that I was lost. I knew I didn't want to landscape anymore and I had to figure out a way to fund my flying education so I could have a career in aviation. After several other failed Ideas desperation started to set in. I started to think 'I'm going to be a landscaper for the rest of my life'.

July 4th came and I had the idea to buy a bunch of Glow sticks and sell them at a local fireworks festival. 

As crazy as this idea was, it would change my life forever. I made over $1,000 in just a few hours. So I started booking more firework events and even started selling them in small mom and pop stores. 

I even got job at one of the stores I sold them too which was in the mall where made a deal with the mall manager and got all my recycled boxes for free.
I finally started making some good money on my own. I continued to expand my product line and the place where I lived went from an in-law apartment to my workshop where I would box and ship all my orders.
Business really began to take off. This was when I learned how much money I could save by shipping my orders myself and not hiring a 3PL to ship them for me. 

This was when I also decided that I wanted to run my eCommerce business full time and put my aviation carrier on the back burner.

The amount of packages going out the door of this one bedroom apartment was unbelievable.  
We Started by Filling Up My Apartment with Packages
To Filling Up My Car
To Filling Trailers
It reached the point where we couldn't physically ship another product out of that apartment because we were completely out of space.

So luckily the owner of the house asked me if I be interested in buying
the house. I said, absolutely.

We were growing enough where we could buy the house and now the garage and rest of the house became our workshop. The best part about it was we basically used the entire house as a write off for taxes because we were using the entire house for business.

the Garage

the Living Room

I now was able to slowly wean off my landscaping job from working 6 days
a week to only working on Mondays.
Until finally I was making enough money on my own to run my company full time.

I'll never forget that feeling I had on that final Monday of landscaping.

After finishing up the last lawn of the day my boss dropped me back off at my car, paid me my money I earned for the day which was 132.00 dollars and that was that.

My Company was now my only support and I would make sure that I would never have to go back to landscaping ever again. 

It wasn't long before that the whole house was filled to capacity and we had to once again expand.

There were not a lot of options in the market and we liked having low overhead so we decided to purchase another house this time with a giant three-car garage shop.
This house was a game changer for us. Our first house only had a stone driveway and you really couldn't operate a pallet jack on stones.

Having an asphalt driveway allowed us to go from sending small parcel into Amazon to sending full trucks, which saved tens of thousands of dollars for us.
Our numbers were exploding we went from shipping a few packages a week to shipping 1000's a week. Shipping to Amazon FBA, Amazon FBM,, Etsy, Ebay and our own personal website.

We finally realized it was time to bite the bullet and purchase or build a warehouse facility to run the company from.
Which is where we find ourselves today, with a staff and offices and a loading dock. Driving pallets full of our products onto trucks bound for Amazon and Walmart distribution centers.

This growth would not have been possible had I not committed to saving money on shipping early on, ensuring I maintained higher margins that I could reinvest into the business.

Now I want to help you in your business and teach you what I know about how to ShipSmart and save money.
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